Boy Skirt

On his first day of high school, Yuuya Ochi is shocked to discover that the girl sitting in front of him in class is actually a guy named Shigemitsu Izumi. Unable to simply ignore it like the other guys in class, Yuuya can't stop thinking about Izumi and wonders if he's actually a girl, especially after Yuuya sees Izumi waving to a good-looking guy who he suspects is Izumi's boyfriend. Intent to find out more about who Izumi really is, Yuuya follows him after school, only to end up being dropkicked by him over a misunderstanding. Izumi later tells Yuuya that he started cross-dressing to put his twin sister Yurika at ease, who is extremely afraid of guys. However, Izumi confides in Yuuya that he has one other reason why he cross-dresses, something Izumi has never told anyone else.

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